448 ipc in hindi

All the articles of the Indian constitution English are very important for any kind of competitive examination. First of all, you need to remember these articles to gear up your general knowledge.

Not only to boost your gk but it is our We the Indian moral duty to know about our constitution.

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Am I right? So it is highly recommended to gain knowledge of the constitution of India. Well, I agree that it is very tough to remember these articles at once. So do not use the shortcut methods. There is no way a shortcut way. But it is my advice that please read part by part. Suppose today you read only 10 articles. You just revise these ten articles before reading the next 10 articles. Continue these steps regularly. I am sure it will help you to remember all the articles about our constitution.

Articles of Indian constitution in Hindi language pdf is available here. Before Reading or downloading the articles of the Indian Constitution you should read all the parts of the Indian Constitution. As well as Article 35A also indirectly invalid from that day. How many articles in Indian Constitution? At present, there are articles in the constitution of India.

How many parts are in the constitution of India? There are 22 parts. How many schedule in the constitution of India? There are 12 schedule at present.In this blog post, Niharika Mittal discusses affray along with its elements and distinctions.

An affray is committed is a public offence to the terror of the people. The punishment for committing affray is imprisonment for up to one month or fine up to one hundred rupees or both Section This offence necessarily postulates the commission of a definite assault or a breach of the peace.

Mere quarrelling or abusing in a place not resulting in the exchange of blows is not enough to draw the attention of Section IPC. A fight is a necessary element to constitute affray. This means both the parties have to be aggressive and participate in the struggle.

To fight in a private place or at a place where no persons are present except those who aid and abet do not constitute affray, but an assembly for such object is unlawful, and the parties may be convicted of crimes relating to it. It is an aggravated form of affray violently to disturb the officers of justice in the due execution of their office, by the rescue of a person legally arrested, or the attempt to make such a rescue.

In the absence of any direct evidence, it is sufficient to prove an affray that any subject of the Queen was put in fear or terror to show that the circumstances were such that reasonable persons might be frightened or intimidated. The offence is punishable with fine and imprisonment. For the conviction to arise under this offence, it is sufficient that an alarm would have been caused to the public or members of the public.

It is not necessary that any particular member of the public must give evidence to the effect that he was alarmed. The presence of public at the time of disturbance would be sufficient to show that the members of the public must have been alarmed by reason of the disturbance and there was sufficient breaking of the peace.

448 ipc in hindi

An affray consists of the following:. The offence of Affray is nevertheless a fight, i. Fighting necessarily implies a competition of struggle for mastery between two or more persons against one another.

State AIR All. The Law Lexicon by P.

448 ipc in hindi

Though it may need two for a fight or quarrel, the difference between them is obviously apparent. A place where public go, no matter whether they have a right to go or not, is a public place. There is a difference between an act done in public and an act done in a public place. In England, some statutes make acts penal which are done in public, others make acts penal which are done in public place, so that in the criminal statute law in England the distinction is, it will be observed, between doing an act in public and doing an act in a public place.

The same demarcation is depicted in the Acts of Indian Legislature. The offence here contemplated must be committed in a public place and in the presence of public without whom there can be no breach of the public peace. In order to constitute an affray, there must be not only fighting, but it may cause disturbance of public peace. Two brothers were quarrelling and abusing one another on a public road in a town.

A huge number of people gathered around them. Even the traffic was jammed but no actual fight broke out between them. It was held that no affray was committed.

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A person was attacked and overpowered by two other persons in a public place. He could merely defend himself. It was held that they were guilty of the offence because there was fighting in public place which disturbed the public peace.

The offence differs from a riot in the following ways An affray is distinguishable from assault as The offence of affray is thus a bilateral act in which two or more parties participate to fight against one another which is committed at a public place and this results in the disturbance of public peace.

It involves an actual fight between the parties to establish this offence and mere quarrelling would not result in an affray.

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It has also been distinguished from riot and assault due to its distinction of place where the act was committed, the number of parties and whether the public was affected or not. Does having an FIR under IPC affect my chances of working abroad, government jobs or getting investors for my startup? Sign in Join.Before going to House trespass, we need to know what is trespass.

And, in what circumstances trespass is criminal trespass. Ordinarily, trespass is a civil wrong for which a defendant has the right to sue. But only when it includes criminal intention, it becomes Criminal trespass.

Section 448 of IPC- Punishment for House Trespass

Whereas, Section on Indian Penal Code defines criminal trespass. The only difference between trespass and criminal trespass is Intention. A trespass with an intention to commit an offense is criminal trespass. The object of Section is to protect the possession of the property. It is not relevant if the person has entered the property lawfully or unlawfully. Lawfully entering a property and staying there unlawfully with an intention to commit an offense, is criminal trespass.

Further, Section lays down the punishment for Criminal trespass. Punishment for Criminal Trespass is imprisonment of up to 3 months or fine up to Rs. The offense of house-trespass is an aggravated form of criminal trespass. The House trespass must have all the ingredients of criminal trespass. Here, Property includes any building tent, vessel, place of worship or any place for Human Dwelling. The building here constitutes any place which can give protection to any human or any person dwelling inside it.

Or any property placed inside it. The mere surrounding of any place by fencing or any wire of any opens space does not construe building. And trespass upon such space is not House-trespass. However, in order to attract House trespass, an illegal entry upon the premises is necessary.

A person does not commit house-trespass if he enters the property with permission or consent. Rajmogali Ashayya Arkal and othe rs. Govind Hanumantu Nandlal and Anr. As stated earlier, House trespass is an aggravated form of criminal trespass. So the punishment is also more than ordinary trespass.

448 ipc in hindi

Punishment for House trespass can extend up to one year or fine up to or both. Moreover, this offense is compoundable, bailable and cognizable :. Those offenses in which compromise can be done at the instance of the party, are compoundable in nature. Hence, a compromise is available in the offense of House trespass.

If the aggrieved party gives consent, without any force or undue influence, to compromise. In such a case, they can avoid a trial. In Cognizable offense, police have the authority to arrest the person without any warrant. Also, police can start an investigation without the order of the court.

Police do not require any warrant or order from the court. In an offense, police have the authority to release an offender on bail. The offense of House-trespass in enumerated under the list of Bailable offences.Whoever commits house-trespass shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine or which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both. Tuesday, 16, Feb, Search Now. Category SideBar.

Sense of expression once explained IPC Section 8. Gender IPC Section 9. Number IPC Section Person IPC Section Public IPC Section Queen IPC Section Government IPC Section India IPC Section Judge IPC Section Moveable property IPC Section Wrongful gain IPC Section Dishonestly IPC Section Fraudulently IPC Section Reason to believe IPC Section Property in possession of wife, clerk or servant IPC Section Counterfeit IPC Section Electronic record IPC Section Valuable security IPC Section A will IPC Section Words referring to acts include illegal omissions IPC Section Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention IPC Section When such an act is criminal by reason of its being done with a criminal knowledge or intention IPC Section Effect caused partly by act and partly by omission IPC Section Co-operation by doing one of several acts constituting an offence IPC Section Persons concerned in criminal act may be guilty of different offences IPC Section Voluntarily IPC Section Offence IPC Section Special law IPC Section Local law IPC Section Injury IPC Section Life IPC Section Death IPC Section Works with any Mobile.

As of now, we dont have IPC in gujrati language. As and when we get our hands on iy, we'll add the link on this page. Googling your legal issue online? The internet is not a lawyer and neither are you. Talk to a real lawyer about your legal issue.

It was drafted in Here you can download IPC pdf version. This file has been sourced from internet, you may verify with other sources. You can transfer it to your phone,kindle, tablet or any other pdf supporting gadget for reading with ease, whenever you want without being online.

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448 ipc in hindi

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IPC Section 448

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IPC Section 448. Punishment for house-trespass

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